Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Been a long time

So its been nearly a year since my last post. I have dealt with Rails, loved it, hated it, and have pretty much moved on. Easy to write an application in no time at all. More stable than some of the other applications deployed at my place of employment ( which have been around far longer than mine ). Mind you it took just 4 months to get the application up and running. However, I know that has nothing to do with Rails, it has to do with the people writing the software.

It doesn't really matter what language you use for the the job at hand; if the team of people writing the software don't know what they are doing then your project is doomed from the get-go.

I have since moved back into the wonderful world of java and am pretty happy being back. Java is like that girlfriend that you get in arguments with all the time, but still keep coming back. You love her to death, but there is always some sort of nuance that just drives you nuts from time to time. Whether that is poor communication ( documentation ) or just a small incompatibility ( classpath issues and jars not there when you need them - damn you maven! ) that you need to work around sometimes. But at the end of the day you just love the familiarity and the comfort of the one you have come to love. That's java. Plain and simple. Yeah there are a lot of other fish in the sea, and you are tempted by the others swimming by, but java just feels right. Its temperamental, but faithful and stable. The other thing is she has decent friends you can also count on. Sometimes they are there and sometimes they are not, but when you can find them when you need some help, they are there to help (thanks open source community).

Anyways. I am back to blogging. Soon there will be info about my new bike and how much it rocks to ride in SF.

go write some code!